Steve Muehler & Private Placement Markets to include “Private Paralegal Services” starting in July.

Steve Muehler today announced that Private Placement Markets will include its “Private Paralegal Service” division starting in July, marking the completion of the Company’s year long expansion efforts.

Steve Muehler, the Founder & Senior Managing Member of Private Placement Markets, today announced that the last piece of the Firm’s year long products & services expansion will open in July of this year, and that is the “Private Paralegal Services Division” of the Private Placement Market.

Mr. Steve Muehler will head the Firm’s Paralegal Services division when it opens. The Private Placement Markets – Paralegal Services division will be a non-attorney legal professional services firm that will provide different types of Legal Document Services to Individuals and Companies throughout the State of California for a fee without being under the supervision of a Licensed Attorney. Since the Firm will not be working directly under an attorney, there will be strict limitations as to the services and products provided, and the services will not include any tax or legal advice to clients.

Areas of Private Paralegal Services to include (but may not be limited to):

· Bankruptcy Filings (Chapter 7, 11, 13, & Sub Chapter 5)

· Business & General Corporate

· Civil Litigation Filings

· Commercial Real Estate

· Contract Management

· Estate Planning

· Eviction Services for Landlords

· Family Law

· Immigration

· Intellectual Property (copyright & trademark)

· International Subsidiaries

· Labor & Employment

· Mergers & Acquisitions

· Powers of Attorney

· Secured Lending

· Securities & Blue Sky

· Trusts & Estates

Earlier this year, the firm announced that also in July of this year it would be included its Commercial Insurance, Residential Mortgage Loan and Bail Bond Operations as well.

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