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STEVE MUEHLER - DEBT CAPITAL MARKETS Originates, Underwrites and Services Commercial Real Estate Loans. STEVE MUEHLER - DEBT CAPITAL MARKETS offer Flexible Solutions for the Financing of Commercial Real Estate, using a “common sense approach of financing that allows STEVE MUEHLER - DEBT CAPITAL MARKETS to offer flexible Private Debt Financing options to meet the unique needs of Commercial Real Estate Properties in today’s market.”

STEVE MUEHLER - DEBT CAPITAL MARKETS' Commercial Loan Program is an excellent alternative because STEVE MUEHLER - DEBT CAPITAL MARKETS focus on the “Value of the Property” and its “Revenue Generating Potential & Equity Generating Potential”, thus eliminating the personal income reporting requirements of traditional loan.


STEVE MUEHLER - DEBT CAPITAL MARKETS' mission is to preserve and strengthen the quality and public confidence in Private Debt Investments. STEVE MUEHLER - DEBT CAPITAL MARKETS stand for Integrity and Ethical practices in order to enhance investor confidence in Private Debt Investments, thereby contributing to the financial health of the overall economy, and supporting the capital formation process. 

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STEVE MUEHLER - DEBT CAPITAL MARKETS only engages with "Qualified Institutional Buyers," (QIB's). Typically, the qualifications for the designation of "QIB" is based on the Investor's Total Assets Under Management and specific legal conditions in the country where the Fund is located. Rule 144A requires an institution to manage at least $100 Million USD in securities from issuers not affiliated with the institution to be considered a QIB


  • Family Offices

  • Insurance Companies

  • Hedge Funds

  • Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms

  • Investment Banks (including Broker Dealers, Market Makers, Registered Investment Advisory Firms)

  • Pension Funds

  • Foundation & Endowments

Our Primary Associated NYSE / NASDAQ / OTC Broker Dealer & Market Maker:

  • $35 Billion USD Under Management

  • Top Five Rated "U.S. Retail Market Maker"

  • Top Five Rated "Market Maker in NYSE Stocks"

  • Provides access to & trades more than 8,900 listed securities (NYSE & NASDAQ)

  • Provides access to and trades over 16,000 OTC Securities

  • Operates in more than 35 Countries

  • More than 1,400 employees

Our Primary Associated Private Placement / Reg A+ / Regulation D Broker Dealer:

  • 50 State Broker Dealer

  • 20 Years of Full Service Investment Banking